Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting Creative with Cars

Even though sometimes it's hard, I think I know how to be pretty creative. I'm not good at crafts, but I can squeeze out a few inspirational words every now and then. What I really admire though are people that can build and rebuild cars. A friend of mine recently decided that he wanted to find a frame at a junkyard and start building a car. I thought it would be extremely expensive and time consuming, but he showed me Parts Gorilla (where he had bought car parts before) and I saw that maybe he really could pull this off on time and on budget.

I admire anyone that can work on cars. These machines are such complicated beasts. Not unlike classic literature! My friend loves it when I try to compare his work on cars my work on fiction. But just like the parts of a story, car parts only fit together a certain way. Get them crooked or backwards and they just won't work. But I'm working on him--I figure that one day he can really teach my about building cars and I can inform him on grammatical style. I think it is a fair compromise!

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