Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Rollercoaster

Work has been so off, I have had to start taking articles for less than $5 again. But I'm so close to getting my new apartment that I'll do almost anything to earn money. It's not a good situation. I had a little panic attack about it the other day and hid in bed... which is extremely counter-productive considering the type of work that I do.

Good thing I crawled out of bed on Saturday though, because I managed to finish up most of my yard sale shopping for the summer. I picked up the last of the furniture that I needed. It needs plenty of work and paint, but my family and I are taking care of that this weekend.

I'll let you guys see the after picture once they are done!

I'm still not comfortable with this low work load, so once again I'm going to bombard you with my shameless promotions. Here are some of the articles I wrote last week, so get your mouse clicking:

Hiring Moving Companies Glossary
Key Terms for Television Equipment
Terms You Need to Know About Mortgage Brokers
Key Terms for Inventors
Access Control System Glossary
Key Terms in Telemarketing

Again... thanks for the support! I really appreciate all of my readers. :)

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