Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Business Side of Writing: Branding, Part 3

Communicate Without Words

We all know as writers we see that the best tool in our promotional arsenal is our words. But even the most avid readers may not completely relate to advertising and branding that has a lot of words with little else to tell them what you are all about. Many writers looking at their branding options need to consider all types of advertising including logos, websites, flyers, and yes—your words.

Just because a writer may want to handle all the words themselves does not mean they are necessarily capable of handling the other tools of branding. Unless you are a jack of all trades, it may be wise to let a professional graphic designer or web designer handle those aspects of your brand. Communicating without words is just like it is in the real world—you are communicating everyday without words by the way you dress, the way you act and even the way you speak—no matter how eloquent the words themselves are. As a writer and as a business person, it is extremely important to know your limits. Knowing when to ask for help will benefit you in the future when you have a polished, professional brand to present to your audience.

Check out an example of good communication without words using Internet banners:

Get you Header On: Good Graphics Lead to Great Branding

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