Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Setting Goals for Writing... and Life

I wanted to take the normal Wednesday writing post and use it to explain my goals for the coming year. Since it's my birthday, I wanted to use this as a time to make some changes and lay out a plan to get it all done. Besides, waiting until New Year's to set goals is a little too predictable. Since the goals are personal, why not start them on a personal holiday like a birthday?

My horoscope this morning sealed the deal:


"It's difficult now for you to keep your mind on the present moment. Instead, the Moon in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals has you scheming and dreaming about the possibilities of tomorrow. Nevertheless, you are quite realistic. Even if the details of your strategy aren't concrete, fantasizing is part of the process that makes your future more tangible. Common sense enables you to manifest ideas that still seem impossible today."

I love it when horoscopes are actually correct with what's going on in my life. :)

So what are these goals? 99% of them have to do with writing. I really want to put the finishing touches on 277 Miles (the only novel that's made it close to being finished), get everything together for Personas (the poetry book) and I have also set goals for my online article writing. I want to have 300 published articles by the end of the year. Since I have a little over 100 already out there, I'm well on my way to meeting that one.

As far as the personal goals go, I want to take more photos, get out of the house more and just enjoy life (more than I already do). That will take some effort with my usual pessimistic attitude, but that's what goals are for!

Oh--and before I forget--happy birthday Ringo Starr! I'm glad I share a birthday with you.

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