Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Roundup

It's Monday, and as always I partly dread the week ahead. I know there's going to be lot of work, but if I convince myself that it's all worth it, I tend to feel accomplished. And starting this week, my time is freed up a bit. Friday was the last episode of As the World Turns (I know, I know--I did love my stories) so now I have absolutely nothing to keep me from working from the time I get up until dinner time. I'm using this extra hour to my advantage. I will bee working on 277 Miles revisions for the full hour until I can get it into a polished, workable manuscript.

One other thing I have to get out of the way: my shameless promotion of the week. This week (and for many more weeks to come) I'm going to be letting you guys know about the estate jewelry I have up on eBay. This week I have two lovely bracelets. Check them out.

This little writer has to get back to her work, so have a happy week!

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