Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Rant: Celebs Leaving Twitter?

Today I watched The View and heard the ladies discuss that there are a lot of celebrities leaving Twitter. While normally I could care less about celebrities, this bit of news kind of irked me. First of all, it's the celebrities joining Twitter that had it grow to the astounding numbers that it did over the past year or so. Now they are abandoning it. While many people have found that Twitter is useful for other purposes besides stalking their favorite celeb, many may abandon it.

It also gets me a little riled up to think that they thought it was such a great idea to really be able to speak to their fans, but now they've change their minds like a finicky little thing. I appreciated the honesty they brought the conversation. People would now know what the real story was rather than believe the headlines (of course I'm only talking about those celebs that write their own tweets). And you why many of them left? Their heated discussions with fans cast them in a bad light (not all, but some). Honestly, I would rather know what you really feel about a topic rather than the stripped down "let's not answer anything" answer that any publicist can give.

It's a shame that this had to happen, whether out of controversy or boredom with the site. I have no idea why this captivated me like it did, but I'll be sure not to let that happen again. :)

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