Sunday, October 17, 2010

November is Near

I know it may seem like I'm rushing October out the door like an unwanted guest, but there's so many things I need to get ready for that happen next month. First, I'm totally committed to the bonus offers that Triond gives out. This month it's 10 articles for a bonus. I'm a little less than halfway there, but they should all be done by the end of this week. I can't really complain anyway, because it helps to build my portfolio of work. Here are the ones that I have done so far:

Sterilization and Hygiene Equipment Glossary
Key Terms for Software Lifecycle Management
Key Terms for Apartment Complex Developers
Financial Modeling Glossary

And pretty soon is NANOWRIMO! Yep, National Novel Writing Month is a fun time in my house. Staying up late, pretending that I'm writing like mad when really I'm ranting on the blog (sorry in advance for that!) and generally frustrated at my lack of creativity. I've participated for so many years without hitting 50k that I feel like this is finally going to be my year.

And one more quick note before I get back to the article grind: Magpie sucks. I don't care if they suspend my account permanently. I'm not going to take my blog's RSS feed off my Twitter account because it violates their terms of less than 15% of tweets can be posted by anyone/anything else (which, I might add, is not specified in the terms of service like they said). So, if you are looking for good advertising opps for Twitter, let me know and I'll give you some names of the good ones, because Magpie certainly is not one of them.

Have a great week!!

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