Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally Getting Around to It

This year, I'm very conscious of what can and cannot be deducted from my taxes. I got a little lazy for the 2010 tax season because I have very few deductions this year. But anyway, this brings me to exciting news. I am finally getting an official .com to get my professional look solidified online. I've been looking at plenty of hosting sites, and all of them such as hostgator hosting look to offer the plans that I need for the price that I can afford. And since getting a website for my business is tax deductible, I know that I'll reap the benefits even more later on.

It will be nice to have a place to send my readers and colleagues to other than a blogspot address. Don't worry--this blog will definitely stay intact. It'll just be linked through the website. I used to mess around a lot with Dreamweaver, so I'm hoping that I can handle some simple designing myself, but who knows? I may just hire that job out as well. I've got plenty of things on my plate this year, but I'm sure that it will all be worth it in the end when I have a professional website to show for it.

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Anonymous said...

I used wordpress and just upgraded from my free blog to my own domain name. ( $17 or so per year) Their templates allow you to have pages, so it's just like a website.

Of course there are limitations with layout and fonts but you can add upgrades to deal with that too. See what I've done with my site.