Friday, January 07, 2011

Fresh Beats!

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

“What a great day!” is the line that the Fresh Beat Band uses to end a show, which is aired on nick jr at 6:30pm ever night, on satellite television from Marina, Twist, Kiki, and Shout are the main characters forming a hopping and popping band on this show. Twist is the one who loves to come up with the craziest solutions to problems that the Fresh Beats find themselves in. Marina is the one that always tells Twist that he is slightly over board with his ideas. Kiki is the one who comes up with the beats and dances for the group, whereas Shout tries to keep up with everybody. This show is a great show to help teach preschoolers how to dance, how to have a good time with music, and how to work together in teamwork. I personally love the fact that the majority of their songs are repetitive and I can learn the words so that I can sing with them when they come on. By doing this my children are more likely to get up and dance with me and work off some extra energy that they may have. So teamwork and music appreciation are two good things about this great show for preschoolers.

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