Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting Down to Business

I'm resisting the urge to find almost anything to distract me this week. It's going to be hard, because I finally figured out the best way to play the Sims 3, so every ounce of my body says "Go be lazy and play all afternoon." But I have a simple thought that counteracts that. I ask myself "Have you been published? I mean, really published?" I think everyone knows the answer to that. I now sit in front of the computer, excited and full of dread at the same time. I need to do plenty of things, but the biggest task ahead of me today is to narrow down the work load and pick 3 projects (or less) to concentrate on. I'm settling on compiling the full draft of 277 Miles, the beginnings of a layout for my lomo/haiku book, and a single page comic. Yeah--I know. I have been recently obsessed with comic books, but I know nothing about drawing. I'm pretty sure it's going to look like crap, but I'm going to try my very uncooperative left hand at it. If it's legible, it'll probably end up posted here, but I wouldn't suggest holding your breath.

No more excuses!! The Sims 3 (or anything else, for that matter) shouldn't be an excuse anyway. Although all I need for the couple to do is have just one more kid to meet the lifetime happiness goal thingy, if I'm not working on any projects or my nontraditional 9-to-5, I should be reading. I made a goal on Goodreads to read just 25 books this year. I don't want to slag off already!

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