Sunday, February 20, 2011

Positively Positive

I'm starting this week on a good note, even if I have to force myself to enjoy it. I researched a few contests to enter within the next month or so. Unfortunately, there were only two that I thought my work had any sort of a chance to compete. I'm not sure if that means my work isn't up to par, or these contests were a little too specific in what they were looking for. I'm not too keen on giving up some hard earned money for a small chance to win $1000, so I'm being frugal in what and where I enter.

What has helped me get back into the spirit of it all? Two things: Writer's Digest and my latest poem. Writer's Digest is self-explanatory--nothing to motive a writer more than giving them advice. I'm really glad I subscribed. I also got a bit of a boost while working on my latest poem. I wanted to write something longer. I thought it would include 7 parts, but I'm at part 6 and nowhere near to complete. I really like exploring this poem though. It reminds me more of an independent film when I get the images in my head. I don't know... it will definitely need some revising, but I'm still steadily working to complete draft 1 right now.

And it's nearing spring, so this uncooperative body of mine is really going to get back into shape. Working out always makes me feel a little better, though it sucks up a good chunk of my day when I do get around to it. I don't need a beach body or anything, just an inch or two off here and there to fit into last year's styles--the taxes this year kinda killed me, so I'm on a very tight budget. It's never fun to be broke, but it's a great way to get creative!

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