Monday, May 09, 2011

And Just When I Thought it Was Better...

I don't know the reason I've been annoyed by people all my life, but it's really awkward when every time I try to keep to myself and leave others alone, they suddenly have no respect for me. This time I'm talking about my neighbors. I don't play loud music, I don't slam my doors. Unless you look or listen carefully, I wouldn't be noticed at all. What do these people do? Throw dirt on my patio, make noise all the time, stomp til things fall off the walls, blow cigarette smoke into my home, scream in the hall... there's probably more, but let's leave it there. Oh, but I will add one more thing: none of them go to work--ever. At least in my last few apartments everyone had someplace to go during the day. I love having a quiet place to write and feel like I'm at a real job. Not with these people!

I know you know there's a point to this--at least more than random venting about my life. There is. Two things: first, young writers should take note of their surroundings all the time to get story ideas. Can you even guess what kind of stories I've been able to come up with from these people already? And second, it's motivation. I don't care how it happens, but I really need to leave to a more exciting place--permanently. No more vacation talk here. I've gotta get out of here, and it has to be soon. My nerves just can't take anymore of it.

I know what you would say though: these annoyances will be worse in a jam-packed city. I know that. But at least in a city you can leave your apartment and actually have someplace to go. Here, it's the grocery store or the parents house. Both are not the kind of places you want to spend a whole lot of free time. At this point I can't even sit outside because people are loud, pushy, and don't know that if my face is in a book, it means I want to read, not talk about the weather. (ok, here's the anti-social scaredy-cat coming out). People tell me I need to find a house instead of an apartment. No, I'm tired of being antisocial and that would make it worse. I need a place to meet people my age, with my interests. I'll never find that here.

Okay, rant is over.

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