Friday, June 24, 2011

The All-Important Impending Decision

I've been writing on this blog for some years now. About two or three years ago, I made the choice to clean out my archive, taking out uneventful posts, random ramblings, and one unfortunate paid post where I was advertising for something connected to Glenn Beck before I knew who he was. The impending decision now is whether I should do the same with my online articles?

I started freelancing in January of 2008. In the past 3 years or so, I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned about the business. I started out giving away my precious words for $5 here and there. I unknowingly did some article ghostwriting, thinking I was getting a byline or some type of recognition the whole time. I have even sold full rights to articles that (in my now well-informed opinion) were not worth the purchase price. There are probably 200 articles online right now that I have the rights to do with what I want and maybe 20 of them are still worthy to been seen by the general public. Should I lighten my load and get them out of the way?

Payment is no longer an issue. I think last month I made a total of $0.81 in royalties. That's not even $12 a year. It's equivalent to about one new book a year. Mass market paperback--not even enough for a hardcover. I think I can give up one. But just one. ;)

Unfortunately, I know there are still some pretty bad pieces of writing out there with my byline that I can't do anything about. I sold out. I guess the best I can ask is that people NOT look at them... I mean, to me it feels just like when your mother insists on showing your boyfriend your naked baby pictures. It's there, it's done, but you just aren't the same person anymore.

But I'll see what I can do... these companies can have the bad writing they bought. Just don't give me any credit for it!

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