Monday, July 25, 2011

Back into The Habit

I haven't gone missing. I know I blogged like two days ago and everyone was like, “Oh, she's still around?” Okay... maybe I just wished someone had noticed the absence from my blog. Baby, I'm back! And I'm all ready to be consistent once again.

My goal for the blog was to write a more personal post on Mondays, writing tips on Wednesdays, and I had super big plans for Friday posts. I am a prime example of how life takes funny little turns and puts you where you didn't know you would be. Turns out, if you have to wait in front of the computer day in and day out for work over a span of about two months, writing seems to fade into the background.

For the first month, I waited around for work with a book in my hand. Work always showed up just about the time the character in the book was going to do something crazy stupid and I really wanted to get to the next chapter. My life during this time was filled with next chapter – work –next chapter, etc. And this, my friends, is not something you want to read about every week. Am I right? There was no way I could drag my mind out of the mud to get something even coherent on the blog or otherwise. (If you don't believe me, check out the useless drivel I tweeted during June @Terri84) The one bonus? I did get a lot of book reviews written (you can see them all on Goodreads).

Then July hit. Ah, July. My favorite month of the year. Not just because that's when I was born, but also because I really love the way the word 'July' sounds. As with anyone that gets older, I get worried I'm not making enough progress in my career. It was time for a new goal, so I started writing a feature length script. It's now a month into that process and the progress is still steady. The first draft gave me a whopping 52 pages (for those that are unfamiliar, a feature length needs to be a minimum of 90 pages). The first revision gave me a whole 62. I added in another scene this morning and now I'm up to 64. See? Visible progress. Maybe that's why I like scripts so much... page count is so much more satisfying to me than word count.

And where do I go from here? On that beautiful journey of making more life decisions that will, at the last minute, fall through. Let's hope they don't, but I've got to be prepared if they do. Prepare carefully to act spontaneously. That's been my motto for months now.

So what's in store for me over this next year? Well, to maintain the promise of getting back into the habit of writing on the blog, I'll let you know on Wednesday. And if I fail? Remember, I'm human. I tend to do that.

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