Saturday, July 23, 2011

Focus And You Will Find...

It took me practically my whole life to figure this out, but I am NOT the kind of girl that can multitask when it comes to my writing. Sure, I may be able to do my normal work with music blaring, snacks on hand, a second window opened to my Amazon wishlist... but when it comes to the writing that I truly throw all my passion into, mutlitasking does not work.

My current project is a feature length script. It's a pretty ambitious goal since I know no one in the industry and probably won't be able to get it looked at by anyone with any means of getting it to the next level of production. But I had an idea and I couldn't just sit on it any longer. I'm through with the first draft and one round of revisions, which has still left me about 27 pages short of the minimum standard length of a script. I think I'm holding back. I'm not ripping apart the characters to really see what their motivation is just yet. I guess that's coming in round 2 of revisions.

And until this is done, I'm not going to even think about any other writing project. But I definitely have a pile of ideas and half-finished projects waiting in the wings when this script is done. It may sound stressful to some, but this is the kind of thing I live for. I love being a writer!

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