Thursday, July 07, 2011

Starting Back to Day 1

Today is my birthday. I've been up all of one hour and already the excitement is kind of over. Birthdays have never meant much to me (or to anyone else for that matter) so I keep them quiet, keep them to myself, and let a another day pass by.

What I do make a point to do on my birthday is set new yearly goals. I think the whole New Year's Eve resolution-setting is arbitrary. After all that holiday celebrating, who wants to start something new? I choose to sets goals on my birthday instead, because it seems to me a person would want to make sure they have at least one goal accomplished before they turn... whatever age (mine happens to be 27 this year).

My goals for this year? Unfortunately, they have to be the same as last year. I didn't get anything published, though I tried very hard. The other goal was a little weight loss/health kick, which I sort of accomplished. I'm 2 lbs. from where I wanted to be. Just shows me that almost isn't acceptable anymore. If I want something, I'm really going to have to go for it. After all, I'm not getting any younger!!

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