Monday, August 29, 2011

I Bet You've Been Wondering...

...just where I've been these last couple weeks. Well, I've been going out and being one of those silly adults who take on responsibility and stuff. The biggest news I have for my dear writer friends? I finally have a car. I bought it last Saturday and ain't she a beauty?

Of course, now I just have to, I don't know, learn how to drive. I started that process by getting my learner's permit (again) this last week. Apparently I got all the questions right on the test, because they didn't tell me I missed any. They just said I passed and snapped my picture.

I figure that writers have to suffer in some way for their art, but me bouncing around like a crazy person feeling trapped in my apartment was just too much. So the car was the ultimate solution. Of course, now it's also turned me into a VW fanatic. I'm gonna be one of those people that doesn't just drive the car, but has the keychain, the jacket, the t-shirt, even the jewelry (yep, they make it)... oh boy.

As far as writing goes, these were 14 days of sloth. I couldn't even manage to pick up a book for half of the days just because I was either out and about in the new car (I'm still being chauffeured at the moment), chained to my desk to hit the goals for my day job, or napping. I seem to be a big fan of napping these days. I really shouldn't cut back on the coffee like a did.

Let's just blame these last two weeks on a low tide of the creative cycle. Yeah, that sounds about right.

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