Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Premium Aged Rum Just For You

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I don't know about today's writers, but many writers of the past enjoyed a good drink now and then. I know that I do. And that's why I occassionally partake in a bit of rum. Zacapa premium rum is one that I like to use when I'm having fun and relaxing.

Zacapa rum is not only a great tasting rum, it also has an interesting history. The rum originates from a town called Zacapa in eastern Guatemala. In 1976, one of the best tasting rums in the world was born right there. Why here? Because this is where quality sugar cane is grown. And to get the best flavor possible, Zacapa aged rum only uses concentrated first press sugar cane, not molasses like most other rums. This, along with Zacapa's unique ageing process, provides a premium dark rum that tastes like no other. This process takes place in the Quetzaltenango highlands where the cool mountain air slows down the process. To add to the distinctive taste, each drop of rum is also passed through a series of casks that previously housed sherry, whiskey and wines.


Interested in learning more about this extraordinary rum? Check out the Zacapa Society to learn more. You can also have the opportunity for gifts and prizes. To join the Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at http://bit.ly/pvKdC9

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