Monday, September 05, 2011

Changing Gears

Holidays are a great time to sit and relax. Do nothing. Me? I like to work extra hard so that the rest of the work week is smooth. That's only if work is available to me over the holiday weekends. Many times it's not. This happens to be one of those holidays.

So what am I working on? A lot of different projects, but still feeling like very little is getting done. I'm sure every writer knows that feeling at one time or another. I'll be honest--I stopped to write this blog because I was getting frustrated working on the novel. This novel is a new one, which means I'm adding one more work to the gigantic pile of unfinished, unpublished manuscripts but this one is a special one. It's the story that I never thought I would write. I always had that attitude about this story because I enjoyed thinking about it so much in my mind that I knew I just couldn't do it justice on paper. I have actually tried to write this novel twice before, but scrapped both of them because it just never seemed the same. My imagination still wants to hold tightly to this story, but I'm going slow and making sure that I'm not missing a single detail. Including thinking time, I already have more than four years invested into this.

I'm also trying to catch up on my ever-growing reading pile, even as I wait for more books to come in the mail sometime this week. I really take my Goodreads reviews seriously, but some of the books that I get are just completely not my style that a few have been very difficult to get through. But finishing one a day for the rest of the week should have me back on track. I hope!

Then there's real life. I suddenly found myself with things to do on the weekends. I have a car that I really need to learn how to drive (I'll get to it, I promise!) I have friends again. We all have fun. More than once I've woke up with a hangover in the past month. It's making more of a balance in my life, which is good, but it's giving me way too many excuses to neglect the writing. I'm gonna work on that. After all, most writers don't live their lives by the alarm clock... and from now on, neither will I.


Authentic Tiff said...

Good to hear you having more of a life. =) You seem happier despite being behind on your writing. Hopefully you'll do well writing your novel. But I do understand having a story in your head for years before writing it on paper. It's never quite exactly the same. Also, my ideas change over the years, so it's hard for me to keep with one thing. But again, happy that you're hanging out with friends. Enjoy your car. =) I still don't have my license or a car. Hopefully before I'm 25, I can get that done.

Terri said...

Don't worry, I'm 27 and I just got the car and the permit. Never could understand why I never wanted to drive before now, but at least I'm finally get around to it. :)