Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Night's Dream

I woke up with a strange, but very empowering, dream in my head. I was outside of some building that looked like the facades you could find on any college campus. Once inside the building, however, I realized that in order to get where I was going (which I wasn't entirely sure of), I would have climb a huge set of stairs. Now let me tell you, this was no ordinary set of stairs. It looked more like a game show obstacle course than anything else. I started out all right, but things got a little tougher as the stairs got higher. With each step, there was less and less safety. I was higher up and felt I was going to fall and break my neck for sure. There was even someone down below, not quite jeering but not being encouraging. She was telling me that I should turn around and come back down. It wasn't worth it. She told me that I was afraid of falling--or failing--I couldn't really hear her well at this point. but I kept climbing. Did I get where I was going? Who knows. I woke up at an inopportune time. But could I very well have gotten where I was going, as long I kept working hard? I'm sure I could have. I'm sure I can, awake or dreaming.

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