Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thought I Would Forget? Not Likely...

Okay, so I won't lie to my readers: I nearly forgot to post today. But it's all good... I remembered before I hid myself away for the night. Work has been going off and on at weird hours of the day, so I feel like I'm constantly working without making much progress. My mind then tends to go into Imaginationland. It's fun there, but you can never stay too long.

The good news is that I, as an avid reader, finally now own an eReader. I never thought I would really want one, but so far I love it. It was a super-belated birthday present from a friend. I think he gave it to me at the right time because I wanted something smaller to travel with and I have a lot of giant regular books on my reading list--and let me tell you, those aren't fun to carry around all the time. Especially since I'm still rocking a Huffy.

my pretty little baby

The script is still in revision #2. It's taking so long that I really hope I'll have a finished draft after this revision. Poetry? Short stories? Novels? All on the back burner, but just for the moment. One of these days I'll become independent wealthy and be able to do just exactly what I want to do. ;)


Authentic Tiff said...

I do that whole on/off thing when I'm working on something to. I've been doing it for hours but feel like I haven't made true progress. Lol. I thought of getting an E-Reader but I love the feel of pages against my fingers. Do you really like yours so far? Oh and your bike is beautiful. Maybe one day I'll start riding again.... Maybe. (laughs).

Terri said...

I really do like mine, but I'm like you, I need to feel the book in my hands sometimes. I'll probably switch on and off between real books and the eReader.