Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Aches and Pains of Freelancing

It's been two months without steady work, but I've survived so far. I keep having daydreams that I'll just come up with a great idea, get it out of my brain, and get instant success. No one in their right mind believes that to be true, but it is an easy way get the motivation back into working. I may be suffering from a creative block, but it's starting to chip away piece by piece. Of course none of this will pay the bills but it's better than watching movies during my periods of insomnia. At least I'll feel somewhat accomplished.

On Sunday I almost dove head-first into a children's picture book project. I wrote the outline of what I thought was a really cute, informative book. I didn't do anything else beyond that because I wanted to research the market before I continue. Apparently children's illustrated books are just about the hardest type of story to sell to publishers. Very few are produced, and since we all know that many celebrities also choose to write these types of stories, they are at the top of any publishers list. This discouraged me. I have no name recognition and that's becoming a bigger issue with getting any of my work out into the world. It won't stop me from writing, but it's still something I can't help thinking about every time I research new markets.

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Authentic Tiff said...

Writing is a really tough thing to make a sustainable living off of. I'm slowly becoming resigned to the fact that I'll have to just do it as a hobby.

I hope that your book ideas take off soon. I know how depressing that can be.

Best of luck!