Friday, April 13, 2012

Poetic Confessions #1: Cutesy Wootsy Bunny Wunny

Easter is a great time to have a little fun being a kid again. Everyone loves the Easter egg hunts and the hollow chocolate bunnies to chomp on. Just never write a poem about a bunny. Ever. It doesn't work. I found out the hard way.

In 2009, Associated Content (now YCN) put up an assignment available to write an Easter-themed poem. I took this as an easy task thinking there's no way I could screw this up—all you really had to do was vaguely mention Easter. Well, here's proof that I could and did. Read Bunnies at Work and see what I mean.

I guess I was just in the wrong mindset at the time. Not only did I manage to write my hopping prose in about five minutes, I also managed to slip in the major frustrations I was having with freelancing at the time. If I remember this point in my career, I was having to take on so many jobs to meet my monthly financial commitments that I was working 60 hours a week and still only making about $1200 a month. Actually, remembering the story behind this poem makes me wonder why the bunny just didn't go on a killing spree with a fountain pen.

To add insult to my already shameful unremovable-from-the-internet poetic disaster, there's a comment at the bottom that just made my day when I read it nearly a year after the poem was first published. Someone named James wrote: “This is the [wors] poem I've ever written.” You wrote it? Well that explains it! I'm free from the humiliation. Thank you, James. Thank you.


Robert Bourne said...

ouch...but if you don't step forward you don't learn..I am sure there are lots of other famous and not so famous writers who have done the same included... :)

Terri said...

Exactly... gotta take a chance to find out what you're made of. :)