Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting Ahead of Myself

As usual, I'm starting to get a head of myself. I started creating my schedule/to-do list for May, not even knowing exactly all the things I will have to complete yet. I know that I will still have to work on the Personas manuscript... I'm to the point where I may have to consider hiring out the cover art. Although I want to maintain complete and ultimate control over my project, I do recognize my limitations.

I will also need to find a couple of new places to submit my work. I have a few pieces done, but they haven't made the lit journal submission rounds for quite awhile. Essentially I'm doubling my workload that I gave myself in April. Since I'm over halfway done with my Script Frenzy goal, I feel like I'm Superwoman. All this work still won't get me out of my parents' basement just yet, but maybe I'll make more of a dent.

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Avery Smithkin said...

I checked your Script Frenzy stats and saw that you were right on schedule (or maybe even a bit better tonight). Things are looking good for you finishing!

Also, I was curious about what kind of artwork you had in mind for the cover of your Personas manuscript. Line art, black and white, color? Some theme?

Terri said...

About the cover, I was thinking maybe something that looks like a pencil sketch of a person's face, maybe somehow showing multiple personalities/personas.