Monday, July 09, 2012

Long Times on Short Stories

Anyone realize they had that nasty malware this weekend? Oh... I guess if you did you probably wouldn't be reading this. Oops. :) The reason that I bring it up is because when people on the news pronounce it like "mall-ware" I just keep getting this image that mall-ware is in reference to tacky neon 80s clothing. Just me? Okay... anyway...

This weekend I finally got back to first and second drafts sitting around. I had plenty of time to work on them and I think they are all taking shape. The two short stories I'm working on now will be sent off in August, so I'm excited about getting them done. Once those are out, I can get started on a couple of new ones.

There is one sad case though. I lost a flash drive the weekend before, not knowing I had a first draft of a new story on it. When I realized that, I almost didn't want to start over. In fact, I haven't yet. I was writing the story for a publication that closes its reading period at the end of December. I still have time to rewrite what I lost and get back on track. I just have to find the motivation to dig in my memory and get it back out.

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