Monday, January 07, 2013


I wish I could tell you that today I am recovering from partying too hard this weekend, but sadly I'm recovering from a bit of a cold. It wasn't a full-blown cold, but it did blow my plans for the weekend. I'm sad to say that I had to skip all of my poem/photo a day challenges yesterday, but I'm back on track now. Along with that, I'm participating in a blog tour over at Book Review Bin for the next two weeks. That's always a ton of fun, even though I have yet to win one of the prizes...

And of course all of my submissions are still on schedule. I have plenty of revision work to do this week so that I can submit anywhere from 5-10 poems at the end of this month to publications. Then, the whole wonderful cycle starts all over again. Although next month the revisions will be more intense since I will be working with a lot of first drafts. I'm just glad the idea well hasn't dried up yet!

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