Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Challenges and Goals, NOT Resolutions

I don't do resolutions, but I do often try to create goals and challenges for myself that are attainable throughout the year, if even I slip every once in awhile. The big goal is still the same -- working and living in New York. But the smaller goal that goes along with the traveling theme is to get to D.C. in April for the cherry blossoms. That's been on my to-do list for the past three years or so. The shorter trip is much more attainable and will give me more travel experience, even on my pitiful earnings.

I have also challenged myself to do what I do best. I am currently challenging my self to take one photo each day, write one haiku each day and write a full poem (non-haiku) each day. The poem challenge might change to revising a poem each day once I run out of ideas, but its simple a way to keep me motivated. And if I'm in a hurry, these things can be completed in less than an hour at any place I may be. In fact, it may get me away from my computer more often, which I see as a plus.

So far, I'm ahead of the game on everything but the photos, because its seems like its cheating to take more than one photo per day that counts toward this goal. However, poetry is different. I'm two days ahead on the poems and the haiku simply because I have so many ideas I'm trying to frantically get out. Even notes aren't enough -- if too much time passes I usually can't read my handwriting.

Are you challenging yourself to do anything this year?

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