Monday, March 25, 2013

The Last Visit Before Spring?

I'm buried up to my knees in snow here, but for me that's a good thing--I can't get out until the snow melts, which means I can get more work done instead of finding excuses to leave the house. Sometimes Mother Nature knows how to work in my favor (though I'm sure others in the area probably don't agree). Hopefully it's the last visit, because I have way too many spring/summer clothes I haven't been able to wear yet. Well, without looking slightly ridiculous, anyway...

National Poetry Month is just a week away and you know what that means--calls for contributions. I'll post more on Wednesday, but I'm going to continue the Poetic Confessions series of posts I started last year. Hopefully, I'll get some other contributions so that no one has to see me drone on and on all month long. I would also love to get more guest posts so that I can provide all aspects of poetry and what people write, think, love, hate about it all. That post will probably come on Friday.

See... a little planning goes a long way. April should be a great month here at TSW.

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