Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Poetic Confessions #4: Best Left to Journals

At one point in my high school/early college writing, I decided that flowery language was out and simple words and phrases were in. Instead of writing a ghastly sonnet with every word to describe love without using the word love, I decided to just say what was on my mind. That's how "Ooh You" came along.

I am now very aware that simple language, unless the message is entirely new, does not always work well. That, and naming the poem after a song (sans the 'h' on Ooh) just makes the whole effort seem sloppy, now that I look back. But it is one of the unfortunate failures that will live on, since I sold full rights to Associated Content (now YCN). I hope they enjoy the $0.10 a year they make with advertising on it. I know I enjoy the $0.01 per year I make.

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