Monday, April 01, 2013

Welcome to National Poetry Month!

It's finally here: National Poetry Month. We're going to have some fun here at TSW with all things poetry. There are a variety of things in store that are new, and some that are carrying over from last year. First, I will be continuing Poetic Confessions. You can still send your own confessions in (check out that post HERE) and I will be offering up some more of my own confessions as well. I will also be featuring my own work with a poem of the day on all posts in April. And of course, guest bloggers can add to the conversation and submit a post (details HERE) so that I don't feel like I'm talking to myself all month long.

This year, I will also be posting stories about poets that have influenced me, discussions on different poetic forms and of course ideas for ways that you can celebrate too!

Poem of the Day:


Everything in the universe
Can be hidden behind my thumb
To be duped is comforting
But cannot be reconciled

Originally published in The Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 1

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