Sunday, September 01, 2013

Here's a Chance For #Freebies!

Hey guys -- Happy Labor Day weekend!

I know that most of you are on vacation, or at least relaxing at home with your long weekend (if you don't happen to work in food service or retail). So, I thought I would brighten your day by bringing you a special offer. This is an awesome chance to help influence what products people are using and talking about and get a chance to get free stuff. I know I love free stuff. Do you? Read on.

Recently, I joined a program called Influenster that rewards its members who are influential in different expert topics. They are looking for more members, but it is an invite-only program. And guess who just happens to have 5 invites left to give out? Yep, that's right. Me. I do. Want one?

You may want to know how Influenster works to see if you are interested. You can read all about it at their website, but I'll give a quick overview. Once you sign up, you take a few short surveys about topics you are interested in, then you are awarded badges and an Influenster score. My topics include beauty, fashion, food and pop culture. There are also topics such as eco-friendly, wine enthusiast, debonair man and home decor. You can also earn other badges for lifestyle topics such as new mom, pet owner and bookworm (yep, I've got that badge too).

Once you earn your badges, you can improve your score by sharing product pages on social media, writing reviews of your favorite products and answering questions other users have about those products. The higher your score, the greater the chance you will be able to get freebies, such as a VoxBox full of goodies.

If you take my invite and sign up this week, you can have your own chance of earning qualification for the next VoxBox just by using your own invites to give out and let your most influential friends shine along with you. If you get three active invites of your own, you are one step closer to those freebies. Can't you just imagine it already? There's no cost, you don't have to do stuff every single day--all you have to do is link your social media accounts to your profile and your set!

In order to get your invite, I will need your email address. I promise, you will not receive any other email other than the invite. You can EMAIL me with the subject line "Influenster Invite" and I will send it out ASAP. Or you can send me your email in a DM on Twitter. Or on Google+. Or Instagram (trying to make this as easy as possible!). To automatically qualify for the next VoxBox, you have to sign up and send out your invites before Friday. I can't wait to hear from you!

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