Monday, April 07, 2014

Virtual Camping and Celebrating

Although I haven't been able to celebrate much when it comes to National Poetry Month, I have definitely been keeping up with the writing side of it. Along with the haiku that I post on Twitter in a somewhat regular basis, I've also been working on a variety of new poems. I've also been working on some surprise celebrations for the month, but those aren't quite ready yet. ;-)

Camping with my virtual cabin has also been a lot of fun, though I am behind on word count, as always. At this moment I've added exactly 3000 words to the novel. I really don't know how I ended up with an even number, but that number will change tonight when I get back to work on Camp Nano.

I've also been playing around with Photoshop and other online programs, so I thought I would share another haiku from Unfolding Life:

Have a great week!

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