Monday, April 14, 2014

Planning for a Big De-Clutter

My life is full. Literally and figuratively full. Mostly with books, but also with half-written stories, poems and epic novels. So I'm spending this week trying to figure out a way I can get rid of all this junk without losing a treasure--or at least make a buck off of one. In terms of all the physical items, I think I'm going to start with a yard sale and see how well that goes. I would just give it all away if I had a rich husband or a best-seller under my belt, but I'm still working on one of those (I'll let you decide which one).

Next, I'm going to have to completely reorganize my filing cabinet, binders and flash drives. I know that I have plenty of story ideas to work on, but when they are all buried under four levels of folders within folders that I thought were very organized once, it's kind of hard to find the diamonds in the rough. I will probably never let any unexplored idea go, but I can at least put it in its place in case I ever get back to it.

Hopefully all this work will be able to fund my next adventure in dollars and in spirit.

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