Monday, September 14, 2015

Aren't Stars Beautiful?

The ones in the sky... sure. The ones that make up five-star reviews, even better.

The past five days have been pretty great over here in my little world. Not only did I get a five-star review for Melody of Love, I just received a five-star review for Unfolding Life this morning. Beautiful, beautiful stars.

Both of these reviews come from Reader's Favorite, so they won't be factored into my overall Amazon star rating (or probably my Goodreads rating either), but the exposure is more than I thought I would get, especially for the haiku collection. Now it's time to affix my little digital seal to the covers so I can brag without actually bragging anymore than I am right now.

As great as these reviews are, it's all about looking forward keep the momentum going. I'm itching to get started on multiple projects, but my to-do lists just aren't cutting it. So I printed out calendar pages to clearly see the time frames for all of the tasks I have to do: first drafts, revisions, covers, etc. It will also give me a better picture on when and how to start marketing each project. It might be old school to use paper, but I know that the visual aid will provide more help to keep me accountable for my distractions--mostly TV binges. But that's just research for scriptwriting, isn't it? 😉

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