Monday, September 21, 2015

Many Plans in Place

As you can see, I've planned out my next three and a half months of writing projects and some marketing stuff to go along with it. I've never been so organized about my own writing in my life. I usually save my organizational skills for my day job. I knew that if I just gave myself solid deadlines, it wouldn't work. I have to see the space between today and the deadline to make sure I stay on track. If all goes according to plan, Seeing What Develops will be released soon and I'll have plenty of drafts on the road to publication in 2016.

Of course all of this planning makes me think about my future, so I was looking for ways to supplement my income doing what I do best. I had the idea of offering services on Fiverr, but for the price of the work (and the service fee subtracted from price), it had to be something within my time constraints. I want to offer a book spotlight on this blog or Book Review Bin, but my biggest concern is my followers will think it's too many posts. I may have to limit the amount of spotlights I do per week, but I think it can be a great way to help other authors with exposure. I'll get back to you on this one once I have my job posted.

Until next time, Folks...

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