Monday, November 02, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 Has Begun

Let's just start off with good news: last year I won NaNoWriMo. The bad news? I tried and failed to capture the process with a Vine video a day. It didn't go how I planned. Maybe if I would have had a full-time camera person and production team, I would have got what I wanted out of it. Oh well. Moving on...

This year, I'm going to chronicle the process by doing what I do best: writing. I'll be keeping and posting a NaNo journal to go along with this year's project. Yes, that's more writing--I'll be typing away morning, afternoon and night. So be it.

Without further delay, here are the first two entries for NaNoWriMo '15: Embarking on a Journey to Greatness (I'll work on the title...)

November 1:
I didn't start writing a word on this novel (Small Town American Life) until almost four in the afternoon. I thought the time change would provide me an extra hour of writing, but it just provided me with an extra hour of procrastination. And then there was the whole DVD fiasco. I post this on Twitter:

And I was serious. I like things the way I like things. I haven't bought a new DVD in eight months, but there was a bunch of rearranging and trading of furniture in the house this weekend, so with a new shelf comes a new way to organize the DVDs. And yes, I may have made this too much of a priority over the writing, but the writing still emerged.

I had to give up the luxury of using my computer for those first 683 words. I used the netbook and wrote directly into an email because I just had to stream a movie from TCM on my laptop. Had to. Tomorrow, things will be better. I'll be able to catch up.

It's frightening to be behind on Day 1.

November 2:
I have a tag line! Since I have some writing buddies for NaNo this year, I thought I would actually fill out all of the info on my novel's NaNo page.  Here's what I have:

 One summer. Six people. What really goes on behind closed doors in small town America?

I thought about posting an excerpt too, but since I drop an f-bomb in the first 500 words, I'm not sure about that. What I am sure of is that I hit 3396. Yeah, that's right. All caught up and then some on Day 2!

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