Monday, January 25, 2016

Scouting Kindle Scout, Phase 3: The Verdict

Last week I finished the two books I was studying from Kindle Scout (one non-winner, one winner). I've already written my reviews, so I won't go into too much of that here, but you can read my review for The Standout and Autumn's End if you are interested.

So, what's my verdict on what should have been published and what shouldn't? Truth is, I think both of these books should have received a contract for Kindle Scout. Although I didn't enjoy The Standout as much as I thought I would, there was nothing wrong with the story, and I may have even been more interested in reading it if I had read the previous Robin Bricker novels. And Autumn's End was a great book--it had characteristics of books I already love, and it still provided surprises I wasn't expecting.

Because I think both of these were on equal footing to receive a contract, my first conclusion into this process is that a well-built audience prior to submitting your book is essential for being considered. Staying in the Hot & Trending category throughout the whole nomination process probably doesn't hurt either. Good to know. That means I have a ton of work ahead of me if I'm going to take on this journey myself.

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Curtis Moser said...

Thanks for reading my novel, and thanks for your wonderful review. As for my thoughts on the Kindle Scout program, I echo what you say here, and I can tell you, it makes a huge difference to be in the Hot and Trending category. As disheartening as it is to admit this, being a successful writer in this market requires a strong social network, and a lot of time and effort doing your own marketing. For what it's worth, I will be watching for your work on the Kindle Scout program, and I'd be happy to nominate it when the time comes...and I'll do my best to drive people there to nominate you as well. You're a strong writer. From what I've read, which admittedly isn't a lot yet, I'm quite impressed. And great job on your blog!