Monday, June 27, 2016

What's Left of June's Odds and Ends

This weekend I was getting ready for Camp NaNoWriMo when I realized that, although the outline I picked as my project is sturdy and a story that I want to explore, there was another outline that I thought should be written first. So instead of a literary ghost story, I'm switching to a near-future political thriller. Yeah. I'm branching out a bit when it comes to genre.

I've also completed something for this blog that was always at the end of the to-do list, so it's been passed over day after day. But today, it's here. Check out my BOOKS section on the top navigation bar to see what I published, including contributions to collections and shorter works. I've had a version of this page before, but this one is organized.

To keep my busy this week (and when am I not busy?!) I'm working on a pilot script and the novella Haunting Melody. When it comes to scripts, I always thought I would see a feature script all the way through first, but the idea I have for a pilot just keeps nagging me, so I'm focusing on that first. Plus, even if no one bites for the pilot, I have something to show until I build up a few spec scripts. Anyway...

I can't wait to get to camp and see what damage I can do to that outline. Happy writing everyone!


K R Smith said...

I think the Books page is a great addition to the blog. One-stop shopping!

Terri Deno said...

Thanks! It'll be so easy to update, too!