Saturday, December 29, 2007

I just spent the afternoon feeling sorry for myself, drowning my sorrows in Mountain Dew, M&Ms and my Simon and Garfunkel DVDs. Why? I don't know. It's cloudy and cold outside, and it just felt like the day to do it. But no more--I will pick myself up by my bootstraps and give myself a swift kick in the right direction. By this time tomorrow I'm going to be worknig 9-5... for myself. If I don't have a paying job, I still need structure so that when I do, the transition isn't as shocking.

anywhoo... I promise within in six months time you'll be able to come up to me and ask me "What have you been up to?" and I'll be able to hand you the manuscripts for 2novels, a dozen short stories, a musical, a play, television AND movie scripts, and maybe even a song or two, if I get ambitious. I'm going to make someone out there hold me to this goal. I don't know what's more exciting... thinking that I'll make it as a writer or just setting a reasonable goal for myself. Who cares if I don't have any money... I'll have my dreams. And:

No one lets their dreams be taken lightly
They hold them tightly
Warm against cold

True, Paul. Very true. Maybe I'll be even more motivated when my diploma comes in the mail... only three more weeks to wait.

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