Friday, December 28, 2007

I've had a couple of days off from work. I've been lost on what to do with my time (besides sleeping in) and finally today I've been productive. I've been revising stories (HARD!) and catching up on all of my podcasts... about a month's worth of Nightly News and AC 360. What I need to do is polish the old resume off and find a new job. Now that REALLY takes some motivation.

Hopefully, if I cannot find a job, I'll be able to sell off some of these stories... I don't think they are too bad, but a couple have been rejected so far. Not that I'm counting on selling them... hell, I probably can't give them away at this point. But I'll keep trying. It's about all I can do right now. That, and read this last pile of books sitting on the floor. Should be an interesting six months ahead. Should be.

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