Monday, February 25, 2008

I am really getting the hang of scheduling my time so that I don't feel bombarded by article work, yet I don't feel like I'm sitting around doing nothing. If I push out all of my articles before I watch As the World Turns at 2, I can usually feel al sense of accomplishment for the day. And of course since no new shows until April, I can still work on more articles after the Nightly News at 6:30. Usually I odn't make it past one or two articles at night, but it's still work, you know? I figure that, with the average pay I'm getting per article and how long it takes to write each one, I make about $5 and hour. Under minimum wage, I know, but at least I'm doing something I love, unlike working retail. Shoot me if I ever suggest doing that again! The only downside is that this will not get my the money that I need to move to Chicago. Average 1 bedroom where I want to live is twice the rent I'm paying now... rediculous! Looks like I will have to find some other form of income. Maybe I'll get back to selling crap on ebay... that seemed to work well before.

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