Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's a better word for SLACKER?

I've been notified that I must wait until Wednesday to start work again. First of all, thanks a lot. Now I won't get paid more than $20 in March, but second of all (and most importantly) why do I find it necessary to waste my time when I have so much work to do on my "real" writing career (those quotes are from others... my quotes would actually go around "work")?

So, I'm making a vow today that any poem that seems to be at least halfway completed will be prepared and sent to market tonight. I want someone to hold me to that too... promise? Ok, good!

But I must warn you, I am going to watch Donnie Darko on my On Demand before I gt started. It is Sunday, after all. Day of rest and all that...

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