Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Just to start out on a slightly positive note, I'm making my way through articles and edits this afternoon. I just thought I would take a little break and write a post here.

Sundays are lazy for me. I schedule work after 1pm, so I usually have the morning to myself to watch movies, cook, or read. Today I chose movies. I didn't know what to watch, so I first checked On Demand. I picked The Money Pit just because it starred Tom Hanks. Most of his lighter movies bring out my good mood. This one was all right, but not anything special. I knew I really needed something to bring back the joy in my life, so I went with A Hard Day's Night -- an old joy-bringing standard. It was working -- then I realized something. I'm 24 (way closer to 25 now). John and Ringo were about 24 when this movie was made. And they were already rich, famous, and somewhat content with their career path. Hell, John was already a published author! Made me feel absolutely hopeless about my life.

So I went to work. That doesn't make me feel any better, considering the fact that I find every single article kickback a complete and total failure. Now I'm just sitting here, wondering what to do next. There is more work to do, but I really have all night for that. And it's not going to be that hard. Most of the ones this evening will not be rewrites. Just one.

I guess it's just like the Paul Simon demo I've heard:

I'm a groundhog, looking for a hole
I'm a dog whose gone astray
I get the blues all morning
And morning's my best time of the day

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