Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check out what's coming in May

I just wanted to quickly let all of my readers know about a great opportunity coming this May. SeaWorld Orlando is premiering their newest attraction – Manta – this May. And guess what? If you visit the Manta website, you could win a “front-of-the-line” pass to it. How sweet is that?

Once you get to the website, all you have to do is click on the “Participate and Wine” link. This will take you to the page where the contest is explained. In order to get one of these awesome passes, all you have to do is complete six simple steps. The first step is a quiz. All of you running away from the idea of taking a test need to come back. It is a simple quiz about Manta, and you can find hints through RealShamu on Twitter and throughout the Manta website.

The second step is to submit an “I Heart Manta” photo on Flickr. Easy enough. Then the third step asks you to fill your row… just send a referral code to three of your friends. The fourth step allows you to get really creative by making a YouTube video to show just how excited you are about getting to ride Manta.

The fifth step asks you to create a Manta mask (don’t worry – they provide a download for the mask), wear it, and upload your picture. And the last step is the simplest of all – just follow @RealShamu on Twitter and tweet to him why you’re excited about Manta. Completing all six steps will get you the coveted pass!


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