Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's raining

I love writing in the rain. Makes it seem a little more worthwhile, since there's really nothing else you can do in the rain. Except play in it. But I've never had the privilege. I was always told it wasn't healthy as a kid. Then in college I couldn't get my friends to join me when half the school was out playing in the rain. One day I'll play in the rain. Actually, I'm so obsessed with the idea I might just sit down and write something about it. Oooh... I could put it in the play idea I want to write. Score!

Sorry... when I get a great idea it's best to publicly ramble. Everything else is good. Today is a slower writing day, but some work is still getting done. Tomorrow I have to kick it back up in high gear because it's May. It's May already? I hate how time flies. Pretty soon I'll be moving again and trying to answer all of those big life questions like what I should do, how I should do it, and whether it's worth the bother. Usually it is.


Patricia Rockwell said...

It's raining here too. Do you live near Chicago? The first of May is a writing red letter day for me too as I plan to revise a chapter a day of my novel during May (it's 30 chapters long). Good luck to both of us!

Terri said...

I live in Indianapolis. But that's a really good plan to revise a chapter a day! My goal for my fiction and other work is just a page a day for now, until all my shows cease for the summer and I have more time at night.

Kristyn said...

I love the rain!! It rained here yesterday and the day before and it was glorious. Rain really inspires me, but yesterday, all I wanted to do was kick back and sleep or lounge around. Sometimes, rain has the opposite effect I wish it had, it makes me sleepy!

That said, I love to watch the rain, but I've gotten to the point where I don't like to be out in it unless I'm under cover of some sort.

Good luck kicking it back into high gear. :)

Jena Isle said...

It's wonderful to bathe in the rain. It would be a good topic to write about. Keep posting and cheers.