Friday, May 01, 2009

Love discovering new artists

Because of my recent immersion in classic movies, I haven’t been keeping up with the new music scene as much as I would like. But today this has change, and I have been looking at a variety of new hip hop artists and think I have found a pretty good one: Icebloc. Icbloc is a hip hop tag team (duo) made up of J. Keys and Vito. They are influenced by some of the greats, new and old in the industry. But these men use their musical talent to take a typical genre and turn it around to create something truly new and exciting.

Icebloc’s new album, KRANKMUZIK is available for purchase on Amazon, and I headed over to their MySpace page to listen to some of the tracks. Even though my musical tastes tend to run in the opposite direction of hip hop styles, these tracks are better than I expected. I especially love the fact that there is a really beautiful melody that mixes throughout the beat and the rapping in “Put It In The Air.” And even though this is not something that would normally listen to, all of the songs have a great beat and I’m confident that these guys have the talent to make it big.


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