Sunday, April 05, 2009

Looking for new web hosting?

Are you looking for a new web host, but don’t know where to begin? I’m thinking about getting a web hosting service so I can set up a freelance writing site, but first I’ll need to save up some money. But for those of you that already have a web hosting provider and are not quite satisfied with it, you should check out web hosting reviews and ratings from Web Hosting Geeks. I’m definitely going to bookmark this page so that I’ll have some good information and comparison for the top web hosting providers on the internet.

Web Hosting Geeks also provides a blog full of up to date information on web hosting, site frames, help desk software, and tons of other internet related topics. Even if you are just checking out the competition, this is the website to use. I’m finding the Top 10 Web Hosts list very informative – and I love the fact that every host on their top 10 list for 2009 offers web hosting services for under $10 a month. Seems pretty affordable to me. For someone like me, it really helps to have sources on the internet like this. It makes it easier to find exactly what your are looking for.

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