Monday, May 18, 2009

Look at your link activities

I've recently been reading about link building activities and what I could do to help promote my blog, and eventually, a website. Sometimes it is really easy to find another blog to link to yours, but is that link really worth the effort? Sometimes it's not. When you are first starting out, getting all the links you can is important. But reading about linking and link campaigns, I also understand the reasons that the next level of linking should be done much more carefully, taking into consideration the quality of the linking site as well as your own website.

I now know the importance of getting links from similar sites. While the almighty Google Page Rank is not the absolute measure of success, it can be an important tool to use when trying to better your blog or website by finding great sites to take your link. So far, I have never had my blog linked from anything other than another blog. I'm wondering if there are any commercial websites out there that would be interested in promoting my blog link? There might be. It doesn't hurt to ask and maybe a rejection or two here will distract me from any literary rejections I get.

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