Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nearly mid-week updates

For me, it feels like the middle of the week already. I'm ahead of schedule, which means I'll definitely be able to take off work most of the day tomorrow. It's silly but TCM is running a Jimmy Stewart marathon to celebrate his birthday. While I have seen all the movies being shown, I would like to catch Vertigo and Bell, Book, and Candle again. So really I only have to sacrifice 4 hours... and during that time I can multitask by editing the last two chapters of 277 Miles. It got lost in the shuffle of packing away office junk two weeks ago, and I just recovered it from the depths of the closet. Don't know how it ended up in there, but stranger things have happened...

Other work is going great. Either I'm getting better or people are tired of having me fix things, because I haven't had a major editing disaster in almost two weeks. Yay! But I'm also working at a slower pace. Maybe that was all I needed. Once I get used to a format, I tend to speed up, but maybe I get a little sloppy sometimes. Wouldn't be the first time someone told me that. I'm just finally able to recognize it in myself. So now the schedule is finally working for me.

But now comes the real work. For the next two months, I have to write, pack, clean, and keep my sanity at the same time. I might have to call in reinforcements in a couple of weeks to really pack it all in and live on only the essentials. I did it last summer, and it made me realize just how materialistic I am. I didn't need anything that was packed in a box, so why keep it? I should have gotten rid of it when I had the chance, but at least I have not collected many more possessions since that time. I think this whole year I've bought 2 DVDs and an iPod dock. That's it.

Well, it's back to work for me now. I really want to get everything out of the way so I can finally start something new. Short stories... here I come!

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