Monday, May 18, 2009

A website for authors

For all my readers that are already authors, there is a website I thought might be of interest to you. It's called FiledBy. This website provides authors with tools for digital marketing and building their online community of readers. It's also a way to connect with other authors. You can promote all of your publications, find other publications to read and review, and interact with other users. I have not signed up for the service yet, but there are three types membership: one free and two paid memberships. Obviously the paid service provides more tools and options, but the free service looks like it provides plenty of options for those getting started.

Here is some more information:

FiledBy introduces new author-centric website with free digital marketing and community building tools  
FiledBy, the most comprehensive online marketing platform and author directory on the internet, launched in March with over 1.8 million pre-assembled author sites.  FiledBy provides every published author in the US and Canada with a free, hosted, search engine optimized and e-commerce enabled web page.  Any published author can easily update and enhance their pages as well as individual books.  FiledBy provides a central location in which authors can be easily found on the web and the tools in which to promote themselves and their books. 
Additionally, FiledBy offers readers the ability to connect directly with authors who are active on the web site.  Readers can create an account, build and collect favorite authors and books, write reviews, rate books and authors, and add comments through wall postings.  They can search for new books by author, title or subject of interest, as well as interact with each other by creating groups and recommending titles. 

Link –

If anyone signs up, let us know how the service is!

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